My name is Ellice I have been a sweat seeker or “someone that needs exercise, movement and sweat in their life to feel healthier, happier and more alive”.

My life has always revolved around health and wellness, from having an active childhood to becoming a competitive hurdler in my teens then choosing a career as a personal trainer and then an advanced care paramedic.  

I have always viewed exercise as a form of meditation, a way to ground my emotions, feel more positive and empower myself to live the best life I can.

Exercise has helped me through those uncertain and unsteady moments in life, as it has remained the steady anchor I can always come back to, to help reenergize my spirit, clear my mind of negativity and centre my body and soul back into a balanced alignment and I know it can do that for you too.

As a nation, we are forgetting to get out side and sweat! Forgetting how good it can feel to reconnect with our body and embrace our bodies ability to move. We often need to be reminded that the only vessel we have to carry us through 90 odd years on this earth is our body so understanding that movement is such a powerful and amazing gift to possess is crucial for a balanced lifestyle. 


I am here to help you rediscover your love for sweat, health and wellness through mindset, exercise and choice and to help you find Your Fit. THE FIT THAT FITS YOU!

xx  Ellice