My name is Ellice. Who am I ? Mmm, good question. I have been, and I am a lot of different things. An athlete, an advanced care paramedic, a mind and movement mentor an author, speaker, nature lover, mum. The list could go on forever as I am sure yours could too. Importantly I have lived a life full of experiences with many more to come that have led me to this point, right here right now, bringing you parts of my journey I have learned and created along the way.

What I really love to do is help people; I love to share my experiences and knowledge with people to hopefully change a life, someones health or even someones perspective on things.

What is Sweat Seeker ?

SWEAT //  Is a very big part of my journey starting as young as I can remember. I have always viewed exercise as a form of meditation, a way to ground my emotions, feel more positive and empower myself to live the best life I can.

Exercise has helped me through those uncertain and unsteady moments in life, as it has remained the steady anchor I can always come back to, to help reenergize my spirit, clear my mind of negativity and centre my body and soul back into a balanced alignment. So to share my love for sweat and fitness is such an honour for me. 

SEEKER // I love to learn, seek, trust, grow and uncover me as I unfold, the good the bad and the ugly. I am here to enjoy the process of this life’s unpredictability and awesomeness all rolled into one and would love to teach and help others to do the same. 

xx  Ellice