Wednesday April 3rd  / 5:30pm-7pm  / 23 Hillcrest parade, Miami Marketta  

An introductory / Level one beginner Joint mobility workshop for all ages 
structured around simple movements that are specifically focused on joint rotation, increasing the bodies own synovial fluid and lubrication within the joints. 
* Helping to flush the joints

* Eliminate joint pain,            

* Ease everyday range of movement, increase flexibility  AND 

* Restore cartilage, ligaments and promote bone health.



EMS $25 

(ID required /Discount code EMS at checkout)

This is an open invitation to 

* Any individuals suffering from aches and pains including arthritis, osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, generalised joint pain, inflexibility and poor range of motion.  
* And any individual that wants to look after their joint health for better daily functioning and longevity. 
No fitness ability required and all ages welcomed.

With special focus on all emergency service workers, why? 

I myself worked as a paramedic for just under 10 years thus I know the Daily stressors and strains that come with manual handling and preforming quick fast movements when the body is not properly warmed up.

– Prolonged shift durations standing and sitting.

– Awkward lifting due to unpredictable patients movement patterns.

– Back and joint aches and pains and not enough time after a long shift to exercise all contribute to the huge percentages of workplace injuries including the back and other related musculoskeletal injuries seen in this field. 

Joint mobility was my saviour during my 10 year EMS career, I never once had a work related injury or back issues from the stressors and strains as a paramedic and why I would like to teach you all these fundamental movements that will drastically improve your day to day functioning and help to improve the longevity in not just your career but overall health and wellness also. 


– Please bring along your yoga mat

Book your ticket now. There will be limited spots available.  


Ellice was recently mentioned in the Qantas travel insider  magazine as a ‘surprise factor’ with the joint mobility class being the best and top rated amongst guests visiting the lucrative health retreat on the gold coast. 


‘I would gladly recommend the class to people of all ages and abilities, such value for people at all levels of fitness and flexibility’ Andrew Minahan

‘After just once class I had an ease in my joint pain and arthritis. It is also a class you can easily incorporate into daily life’ Bec Allanday

‘Ellice is an engaging teacher who makes classes fun and also helps you to understand why you are doing what you are doing. The class it’s self is movement based and the exercises are things I will continue to do for years to come. I noticed an immediate result after the class and have used the class as a stern reminder to not get lazy with my body and my health’ Simon peel