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Sweat Seekers get excited. We have gathered the best place to GET YOUR SWEAT ON, around Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas.


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I snuck into one of Dual Perspective’s dance workshops held on the Gold Coast mid class, as unfortunately I was injured and unable to join in, but it gave me some time to actually sit and observe all of the girls absolutely having the time of their lives, dancing, laughing and being care free.

In this day and age, we get so caught up in our heads with our appearance, what other people will think if we look ok if we are doing it right or wrong or will we be judged and this usually leads to our ego’s taking over telling us not to get involved.  Well, the refreshing thing I noticed in this class was the girl’s free spirits. They are enjoying each other and their ability to move dance and laugh despite their age, size or ability and I instantly (although not a dancer) wanted to get up and groove along so I too could feel as good as they all looked and possess the self-confidence that exuded from each and every one of these beautiful girls.

The instructors Erin and Tiffany, aka Dual Perspective, have a calming and patient presence and encourage and support the dancers whilst they teach the choreography in an easy to follow manner that runs smoothly and is taught over and over so no-one feels left out. This workshop ran for about an hour and a half and from what I could see this class was a definite sweat session. It works the entire body, mind and soul from top to twinkle toe.


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To keep an eye on Dual Perspective’s classes and workshops you can follow them on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/dualperspectivechoreography/?fref=ts

Or on Instagram @dualperspective

Thanks for having me Ladies! You were all amazing and I am coming to a class for sure. You have all given me the confidence to get my groove on again. 

Ellice Degiovanni

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