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Sweat Seekers get excited we have gathered the best place to GET YOUR SWEAT ON around the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.


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GCWC / Located unit 1/7 Taree St, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, was where I learnt to clean and jerk my thick bar during a strip set, now if you think that means anything other than lifting heavy weights and training for them gains then your on the wrong site. Gold Coast weightlifting club is an excellent place for beginners all the way through to advanced lifters and a place to learn all about correct lifting technique for any sports that require strength training.

Most of the classes here are open which means you can come in and practice lifts at your own pace with the guidance of the specialised coaches to help at any time. Now for a weightlifting beginner like myself, a perfect class to join in would be the FREE Monday 7 pm class where you can learn the basics of weight lifting and be guided into a more directed program if you wish.

Why is weight lifting beneficial?

  • Muscles speed up your metabolism so the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism
  • lifting weights increase bone health and therefore bone density
  • Increased confidence and independence, strong is the new sexy people
  • Decreased body fat
  • Healthier and happier


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These are all super important benefits but it is even more beneficial to be able to correctly lift the weight and that’s where these guys at GCWC will come into play.


Check out the video below from my first weight lifting experience.




If you loved what you saw and think you would like to give weightlifting a go, here is the link to GCWC classes and other information. http://goldcoastweightliftingclub.com.au


I love my weight training and will defiantly take the pointers I learnt from GCWC and incorporate them into my own training from now on. Thanks for having me.

Ellice Degiovanni

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