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Sweat Seekers get excited. We have gathered the best place to GET YOUR SWEAT ON around Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas, 


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Integr8 located 25 Dividend Street, Mansfield Brisbane, Australia. This was where the sweat in sweat seeker definitely earned its name. I absolutely love this gym, not only because its spacious, clean and fitted out with every training toy you could possibly dream of,  but because the owners Hannah and Rowen are such lovely and welcoming people with years of experience. They are dedicated fitness professionals who practice what they preach. 

So the class kicked off at 6am Saturday morning and I do mean kicked off. Kick sits galore, if you don’t know what they are, check out the video below. This class consisted of body weight movement that is strength based with a hint of agility, speed and a fair amount of coordination. This class is aimed at a more advanced level and you have to almost earn your stripes to join in, but they have a huge range of different classes to suit all levels of fitness which is fantastic. They even have a mums and bub’s class which I have also tried and loved as well. 



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To check out this epic sweat session press play below.

If you love what you see and are keen to try something completely different but amazingly beneficial, then I highly recommend a class at Integr8. Jump onto their website for further details, mention you’re a sweat seeker and I’m sure Hannah and Rowan will look after you 😉 http://integr8fit.com.au

Thanks for having me guys, you know I will be back x

Ellice Degiovanni

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