SS Active Strap

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Bring F O C U S into your next workout and leave distractions behind with the SS Active Strap’s uniquely designed phone carrier for ladies serious about their workouts.




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The SS active strap is a WORLD FIRST, and the only of its kind on the market today. If you love training and hate carrying your phone in your sports bra or pants, and having the phone cords flapping around interrupting your session, then this device will solve all of your problems. All the phone cords are encased within the strap worn on the chest, which makes the active strap great for all sports; dancing, cross fit, boxing, running, even horse riding, valued at $65.00 the SS ACTIVE STRAP will be you no 1. Training accessory from now on.

Check out the Active strap in action here



  • Fits around the rib section sizes 45cm up to 96cm with an adjustable velcro fastening.
  • Fits iPhone 6+ (without a case on the phone) and  iPhone 7



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Weight .500 kg


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