Are You A Sweat Seeker?





Do you love to feel your body heating up, your lungs expanding and muscles burning?

Does it bring you into your true self and wipe out all the problems of the world in those minutes of solitude and sweat?

Are you a soul who finds meditation in movement, stillness in sweating and happiness in health?

If yes, then we want to know WHY?

Why are you a SWEAT SEEKER?

What motivates your sweat sessions?

Is it that precious me time?

Is it time away from the kids, work, home, life or stress?

Is it how you reconnect with the real you?

Does exercise chew up the demons in your head and spit them out with determined power?

For me it’s all of the above.

I crave the high I get from a great exercise session and those good endorphins flowing through my body, charges my mind, body and soul for the entire day. It gives me energy and focus for the day ahead, boosting my confidence and self-love.

Lets join together as SWEAT SEEKER’S and show the next generation that the only seeking you need to do is that of health and happiness. No amount of drugs, alcohol, bad behaviour, attention seeking or TV will give you a high like sweat can.

Join us and spread the SWEAT SEEKER message.

Be a SWEAT SEEKER and live high on life and sweat.

Follow our journey as we meet some inspirational SWEAT SEEKERS as they share with us their passion for life and their methods of living the best life possible by sweating it out.


Ellice Degiovanni

2 Responses to “Are You A Sweat Seeker?

  • I sweat because of all of the above reasons. To be alone, be free in movement, have time for myself and only myself, get happy and only happy thoughts in my mind, sweat stress out, feel better about my body and see improvement in different skills, which then make me happy and even more driven to do more…


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