Food for me is…….



Scramble eggs with spinach, grated zucchini and tuna on a slice of rye bread. With a banana, honey, and rice milk smoothie.

Food should be filling and act like hunger tamers so I’m fuller for longer and have no desire to snack on the nasties ladened with calories and sugar. Filling foods are usually dense in nutrients which makes them good for me without piling weight on. Foods like sweet potato, potato, beans, grains, eggs, rice, oats, and smoothies.

That’s why a dense and filling breakfast is super important to start my day with. Not only to kickstart my engine but to fill my body up from head to toe, brain, muscles, bones, and bodily systems.




Where possible foods should come straight from the source. I definitely don’t buy all organic food as its very expensive, but where I can I do, like fruit and vegetables, oats, meat, eggs and dairy. Foods are being so modified and ladened with chemicals from a simple biscuit to a piece of meat or apple. I think it’s important not only to be conscious of these chemicals being consumed but understand that the chemicals are a huge factor contributing to major health issues like allergies, moods, digestive function, headaches, depression, cancer and of course weight gain. I simplify my food source to clean and chemical free where possible and enjoy the benefits and watch my health and happiness increase. 


Fruit & veg platter with green smoothies and grilled mountain bread chips.


Tip: Find your local farmers market for quality fruit and veg and your local Butcher can also be a better choice than the big supermarkets.

Make your snacks, biscuits and breads at home. At least you know what’s going into them. 










Food is fuel and it should be eaten often. I eat 5 smaller portions of food a day rather than 2 big portions, this way it’s a healthier and better way to eat for my bodies digestion and it also speeds up the metabolism because it constantly has to work at digesting the consumed food. Also, if I’m eating more often throughout the day I tend to not eat as much in a sitting compared to starving myself and then gorging at meal times with bigger portions.

Obviously, the 5 smaller meals would be healthy, filling and within the Degradable category (see below). If you look at athletes or even slim individuals they usually tend to eat more, not less. Food is fuel, just like when you drive your car around all day and it chews up the petrol that’s what our bodies are doing also but our bodies have so many more important systems that need fuel and energy to function.




This is a typical day of food for me plus a smoothie and some fruit also.

I usually eat 2 breakfasts every day as it’s my favourite meal of the day and it’s easy to prepare. So it’s a bowl of oats around 7am followed usually by a training session then a bigger breakfast like healthy scrambled eggs with protein around 10:30am a snack about 11:30am lunch, maybe crackers with tuna and salad or a wraps filled with salads and protein around 1:30 or 2pm. Another snack about 3:30pm like a smoothie, fruit or a boiled egg and dinner about 6:30pm. If I crave some desert ill have some dark chocolate or an apple. 





I believe food should rot, go bad, disintegrate or perish if left out! 

This is my biggest food rule, if it does not perish within a few weeks then its most likely NOT GOOD FOR ME. 

Place a store bought biscuit next to a home cooked biscuit and see which one last’s longer. We all know the answer because things in the supermarket are designed to last 6 months up to 2 years.

“Yes,” I certainly have non-perishable items in my pantry like pasta, beans in tins, sauces but I do not eat those things regularly. My main food consumption goes bad within 2 weeks, the fruit rots, the meat goes off, the home cooked goodies go stale and I start again with fresh nutritious foods. My general rule of thumb is if it has to be opened from a packet it’s generally not that good for me with exemptions like oats, grains and nuts, etc.  

A bought carton of juice will last 4 weeks and a freshly squeezed juice 2 days, its common sense really, the good stuff doesn’t last and the bad stuff last’s forever.


I try to imagine my body as a fridge or pantry filled with the foods that have a long expiry date of 2 years, it’s going to be slow, sluggish, heavy and take forever to break down the fake nutrients compared to my body filled with perishable foods, which will be light, energised, happy and moving well.





Tip: Do you ever ask your self what do I feel like right now before just eating? Food should be a conscious thought. LISTEN. The body knows what it needs.



I definitely eat with this philosophy above but also love my treats, sweats, carbs, chips and pizzas BUT I eat with an 80/20 rule in mind. I never over think my food as it can consume you and become a negative thing. I eat because I enjoy all foods but listen to what my body really needs and know it preforms better when I consume healthy clean food.

You only live once, so I’m having the dam chocolate bar but I don’t eat 6 chocolate bar’s a day. 80/20 and plenty of water to hydrate my body and flush those toxins from the foods I consume. 


FILLING             ORGANIC               OFTEN              DEGRADABLE

Ellice Degiovanni

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